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Annie May Adams

Annie hadn't intended to go to Washington Territory when she boarded the SS Illinois in New York. Her destination was San Francisco. But after spending time on the ship with Mercer and the ladies she changed her plans.

Annie May Adams married Robert G. Head, a newspaper man, on December 15, 1864. They were married by the Rev. Daniel Bagley. Not too long after their marriege they moved to Olympia, Washington Territory, where Roberts parents were living.

In 1870 Annie, her husband and two children (Nellie and E.L.) were living in Portland and could be found on the 1870 federal census . In 1872 Robert bought an interest in the Benton County (Oregon) Democrat newspaper and the family moved to Corvallis, Oregon.

On September 6, 1874 the family was involved in a stage accident while in route from Corvallis to Elk City, Oregon. Robert gave an accounting of the accident in the September 11th edition of the Weekly Corvallis Gazette.

"On Sept. 6, 1874, as the stage containing Mrs. R. M. Abby, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Head, their three children and Cyrus Powers, the driver, was passing a place known as the "Devil's Well", on the summit of Elk mountain, the stage careened, owing the narrowness of the road. Before the horses could be halated all went over into the fearful abyss, down the almost vertical mountainside, 100 feet below, the stage stopping botton side up. Mrs. Head and her three childern were inside. The top was forcible detached by the smash-up and stayed where it struck, but the conveyance and horses pitched down the mountainside, finally lodging on some underbrush. Mrs Abbey and the driver were on the "box", the former being thrown violently to the ground. The driver became entangled with the team and was carried down the hill. Mrs. Head and her youngest child were hurled down the mountain, tumbling over and over, as far as the wagon went. There they were overtaken by the husband and father, who escaped uninjured and immediately rushed to their assistance. The other two children were rescued by Mrs. Abbey and prevented from going down the fearful chasm. The horses were extricated from their harness and with darkness overtaking the party, they walked to Elk City, offering thinks to the Almighty that no life was lost and no bones broken."

This was the last reference to this family in Oregon.

By 1880 Annie Head is found living in Boston with her 3 children; Nellie, Edward, and Frank. And in 1890 she is found in the Boston city directory with youngest son Frank.

By 1900 Annie had moved to New York. Her son Frank continues to live with her and help support her working as a clerk. Son Edward in now married and employed my the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. In 1910 Annie list her occupation as seamstress/working from home. She is age 62.

I continue to search for the name of Annie's parents and her date and place of death.