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Catherine Adams Stickney

After 10 years of looking, to no avail, for information on Catherine Stickney I have found that Catherine's maiden name was Catherine ADAMS.

She had been married prior to coming to Seattle.

In 1858 Catherine married Alvah Stickney in Townsend, Massachusetts. The Adams and Stickney families had been neighbors in Townsend for many years.

In 1860 Catherine is living in Lowell, Massachusetts with her Aunt (her father's sister)

I recently found a record of Catherine's divorce from Alvah in 1862. Later that year Alvah married again.

After her arrival in Seattle in May of 1864 Catherin married, on July 20th, 1864, Walter Graham, a widower.

Walter had two sons, William Thomas, who was four years old and George, who was two.

Walter's first wife happened to have been Asa Mercer's niece, Elizabeth Ann Mercer. She had died in Oct. of 1862.

The Graham family lived on a beautiful homestead on Lake Washington. But in January of 1869 Catherine died, leaving Walter a widow for the second time.

During the 3 1/2 years of their marriage there were no children.

I do not, as yet, know the cause of Catherine's death. She is buried at Lake View Cemetery next to Walter's first wife, Elizabeth.