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The Mercer Girls

I'm sorry to report that I have had to temporarily remove the Mercer Girls web pages.

Eleven years ago I started collecting primary and secondary sources, which gave details about the lives of these ladies, to fullfill my own curiosity. I have found them to be fascinating women with wonderful life stories.

Others have asked me to share the information I had gathered. That is why I put the Mercer Girls web pages online.

I am now in the process of publishing (in book form) the information I have gathered. Unfortunately there are those that want to publish the material I have gathered and claim it as their own research. So for now I have removed the information from the web.

If you have specific questions about one of the girls or about the research I will be glad to talk with you.

I hope that I will soon be able to restore the information to the web so that all may enjoy and learn from it.

Peri Muhich
Mercer Girls Historian