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More of my Geneaolgical Endeavors and some of yours too!

updated November 2009
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Peri's Family Tree

Genealogy and Family History is more than a hobby for me. I guess you could say my interest started the day I was born. You see, I was named for my great-grandfather, Ruby Monroe Perry.

My parents were sure I was going to be a boy. I was to be named William (after my father) Perry (after great granddad). But, SURPRISE! It's a girl! So they changed the spelling of Perry to Peri (to make it more feminine) and added Ann for a middle name.

I was lucky to have known great granddad (he lived until 1972). But it wasn't until his death that I really started to appreciate my PERRY heritage.

(Great granddad had only one son, Joseph Allen Perry, who had three daughters and no sons. Thus my great uncle was the last male to carry the Perry surname of this branch of the Perry family.)

At the funeral, as I listened to the eulogies of my great grandfather, my heart began to swell with pride! I was this man's namesake!

I decided then that I wanted to know more about him, his siblings & parents. So I started asking questions.

For any of you who confess to being genealogist you know what I mean when I say that it was then that "I was bitten by the bug". And my life hasn't been the same since!

Click on the graphic below to go to a family pedigree chart and additional genealogical information on my family.

As my research continues I will add more links to additional branches of my family tree.

I love getting email, so if you have questions or comments, or if you find that we have ancestors in common please contact me at the link below.
Camas, WA

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