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Here Come the Brides
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Bridget Hanley aka "Candy Pruitt"
This site is for the actress who played the main Bride on "Here Come the Brides"
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Here Come The Brides Offical Fan Club
There are hundreds of fans out there. This is where they come together.
Here Come the Brides 30th Reunion
It was this fall 30 years ago that it first aired!
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This page is going to be dedicated to the TV series that aired on ABC,

"Here Come the Brides"

It ran for two seasons, 1968-1970. The main cast of characters remained the same for the entire run.

Jason Bolt.........Robert Brown
Joshua Bolt.........David Soul
Jeremy Bolt.........Bobby Sherman
Aaron Stemple.........Mark Lenard
Candy Pruitt.........Bridget Hanley
Capt.Clancey.........Henry Beckman
Lottie Hatfield.........Joan Blondell
Biddie Cloom.........Susan Tolsky

Most of the storylines revolved on one or more of these characters and was loosely based on a real event in Seattle's history - Asa Mercer and his group of Ladies.

The premise behind the show was fairly simple, logging town in Washington Territory was made up of mostly men. The loggers threaten to leave town if women are not brought in for them to court and marry. The owners of the logging camp, the Bolt Brothers, hear about young ladies in New Bedford, Massachusetts who are marriagable and willing to make the trip to Seattle. The owner of the sawmill, Stemple, provides the financing for the trip, on the condition that all of the women must remain in Seattle for a year. If not, he gets Bridal Veil Mountain, and the logging operation. (This information is from Marsha Baughan's "Here Come the Brides" web page, see link at the left.)

This page will be under construction for awhile as I am in the process of gathering the information from various sources.

Please come back and visit often!

If you were a "Here Come the Brides" fan, I would like to hear from you.
Seattle, WA